Architecture and project management are intricate tasks that demand critical and precise thinking. At KRR Architektura, our approach is not a secret - it is simply fulfilled by our energy and passion that improves with experience over time.

Since 1994, the philosophy of our internationally experienced team is based on technical diversity - our team comprises people with varied specialties who can easily see the project through and can quickly and effectively solve any problems along the way.

Depending on the needs of each project, we also complete our team with the best external experts.

To preserve professionalism during planning, development and presentation we have learned that we must maintain our delivery model to be effective. We can guarantee this approach only because a close team collaborates to complete the work.

We listen to our clients by acting as if we are the investors,thanks to our experience in development.This approach helps to save precious time during the project. We understand that there are many difficulties during this process, and every time we try to find a solution with the most clever an harmonious approach possible. It is only after solving those issues - technical, economical, etc. - that architecture can become an art.


Karim R. Rachidi